Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions

Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions

What we experience in life will often influence our thoughts, feelings and actions.
What we THINK affects our FEELINGS and ACTIONS
How we FEEL affects our THOUGHTS and ACTIONS
How we BEHAVE affects our FEELINGS and THOUGHTS
When we’ve faced difficulties and trauma, sometimes these thoughts, feelings and actions can be unhealthy.

Unhealthy Thoughts

  • No one loves me
  • I don’t deserve to live
  • I should quit
  • I just can’t
  • I’m not good enough
  • Everything I do is wrong
  • There’s no hope
  • It’s my fault
  • I’m a bad person
  • I’m weak
  • I’m stupid

Unhealthy Actions

  • Don’t ask for help
  • Stop trying
  • Hurt others
  • Make a bad choice
  • Choose not to do something
  • Push others away
  • Self harm
  • Give up
  • Run away
  • Suicide attempt

Unhealthy Feelings

  • Unloved
  • Anxious
  • Angry
  • Ashamed
  • Helpless
  • Afraid
  • Suicidal
  • Sadness
  • Hopeless
  • Depression
  • Confused
  • Frustrated
When we work to change these responses to the positive, great things start to happen!

Healthy Thoughts

  • I’m loved
  • I am deserving
  • I should try
  • I totally can
  • I’m good enough
  • It’s ok to make mistakes
  • There’s always hope
  • I’m capable
  • I’m a good person
  • I’m strong
  • I can control…

Healthy Actions

  • Ask for help
  • Keep trying
  • Help others
  • Make a good choice
  • Pursue something hard
  • Start healing
  • Face fears
  • Confide in others
  • Achieve

Healthy Feelings

  • Loved
  • Calm
  • Confident
  • Proud
  • Loving
  • Peaceful
  • Hopeful
  • Helpful
  • Grateful
  • Fearless
  • Optimistic
  • Happy

Negative to Positive

Negative to Positive

So how can we put this information to use to adjust the cycle from negative to positive? One hack might be to influence our THOUGHTS with positive self-talk and affirmations.

When you hear negative things about yourself, it can be easy to believe those things, but that doesn’t make them true. Positive self-talk can improve the way you see yourself, help you be more optimistic, and can help you feel less depressed or anxious.

3 Steps to Positive Self Talk

3 Steps to Positive Self Talk


Be aware of the negative things you are telling yourself.


Evaluate the evidence for the negative thoughts. Could you do anything to change what you feel bad about? What would you tell a friend who believed these critical things about themselves?


Write down those negative thoughts, and replace each one with a positive attribute that honors you. Be realistic, what are your strengths?

Examples To Try

Negative Examples:

You’re worthless and selfish.

You are terrible with school work.

You never listen to anyone.

You’re broken.

Positive Examples:

I have value and care about others.

I’m doing my best and I’m good at writing.

My friends think I am good listener.

I am healing and getting stronger every day.

Hacking The Body

Hacking The Body

Another way of helping your body go from the negative to the positive is to hack it’s natural hormones to influence how you FEEL. We all have “happiness chemicals” in our body that help us to feel good. Engaging in certain activities can activate these in your body leading to improved mood.

Hacking Happiness Chemicals

Hacking Happiness Chemicals



Completing a task

Doing self-care activities

Eating good food

Celebrating little wins

Celebrating others’ wins



Playing with a dog

Time with loved ones

Holding hands

Hugging your family

Give a compliment





Sun exposure

Walking in nature




Laughter exercise

Essential oils

Watching a comedy

Dark chocolate